Tulle and flowers and wreaths, oh my!

I don’t always get my craft on, but when I do I realize I could easily blow an entire paycheck in one aisle of Michael’s.  Thankfully, I already had the supplies I needed at home from a previous trip in which I spent way too much money. Spending too much the previous time and nothing this time cancels out, right? That’s how I’m justifying it to my husband, anyway!

It was sunny and relatively warm, at least for my area of the country, this weekend so I had a random burst of energy for cleaning the house and crafting (somehow laundry managed to get left off the cleaning list – on accident, I promise). Since we moved almost 3 years ago and now have the perfect house with the perfect front door to display wreaths, I really got into wanting one for each season. I decided to make them myself because I have the minimum amount of required vision and ability…and have you seen how freaking expensive pretty wreaths are??

I started with wanting to do a Spring wreath since it felt like spring out. I got the kid down for a nap, put my current Netflix binge-worthy TV show on, and spread out the tulle, fabric scissors, foam wreath, ribbon, fake flowers, and hot glue gun. Making wreaths (at least the ones I make) is seriously so easy as long as you have an hour or two to devote to it. Cut the tulle to the length you want, tie it to the foam base, flip it over and add any other desired decorations with the glue gun, and then attach ribbon to hang the wreath. THAT’S IT!


After I did the Spring wreath and I realized I had a heart shaped wire wreath base and red and white tulle. How did I not do the Valentine’s wreath first when Valentines was 2 days away?  So then after the child went to bed for the night of course I had to do the Valentine’s wreath too. The tulle in this picture isn’t laying quite right, but once you play around with it you can get it looking just the way you want!


I also have a Christmas wreath that I need to update, a fall wreath, and one summer wreath. I’m thinking I just might have to start looking at some more summer ideas and another Christmas/winter idea….

Feel free to comment any fun wreath ideas for me!


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