When real life gets in the way…

So I have definitely failed my poor little blog the last few months. Life has gotten insanely hectic, which I’m sure no one else can imagine or empathize with (in case I’ve been gone too long and you forgot, I do love sarcasm).  My husband is in the middle of his master’s degree while still working an incredibly demanding full time job at a local hospital. If he messes up his job it only affects and entire hospital system’s research studies, so no biggie, right?  As soon as we get home he gets to studying and I attempt totally fail at juggling house chores, yard work, making dinner, keeping the kid alive (okay so I haven’t failed at that one), my blog, working out, etc.

Because of all of that, I put my children’s book on the side burner with the hope of picking it back up in the late summer/early fall. I’m right at the editing phase with it.  My next step is to determine if I want to independently publish (with Amazon, for example) or send my manuscript off to a number of publishers and cross my fingers (and toes, eyes, & hair). I’m having a really difficult time with this decision. I am definitely not artistic enough to illustrate it myself and I also don’t have enough cash to hand to an illustrator to do the whole thing for me and then hope I recoup the money when I get it published.  I’m thinking that leaves me with sending off my manuscript.  Any thoughts, suggestions, or advise?

I sincerely promise to do a better job with my poor little blog and keep you updated on my journey to becoming a children’s author!

Best wishes!



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